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What Is Security Services?

Security services are essential to keep people in public areas safe. Whether in shopping centres, office buildings, or schools, security guards are entrusted to make sure each day runs safely and smoothly. While people often compare them with policemen, it is pertinent to know that that the two are separate entities. Though both hold significant importance in keeping the public safe and out of danger.

The main difference between security and police is that the latter commonly only intervene after the occurrence of an incident. Whether that’s trespassing, violence, or shoplifting, police officers are called for help after the chaos has already begun. However, security officers are present to prevent incidents like these from happening first off. Their main job is to not engage with criminal threats without enforcement of law, instead prevent them by just being there. There is less chance of criminals targeting an area that is equipped with an active security force. However, if there is any criminal activity in the absence of the police, security officers are trained to step in until they arrive.

If you remind yourself that the major goal of security guards is to deter criminal activity, their role makes a lot more sense. The following are few of the responsibilities that are taken by security services that showcase their importance and effectiveness.

Vigilance And Visibility

Just being visible is the simplest task that security guards need to do. This is for security manning gates and checkpoints, supervising CCTV footages, verifying IDs, as well as for mobile security officers. The presence of active security personnel is enough to deter criminal activity from taking place. Most vandals, shoplifters and burglars are prevented from indulging in criminal activity if security guards are present, though this is only effective if guards are active and vigilant. If a criminal plans to commit crime and finds security guards asleep, not keeping check of CCTV footage and ignoring security patrols, it is quite possible for them to continue the crimes they set out to commit.

To have an impact, guards have to be actively engaged in their job. Good security guards smell, hear and see everything happening in their surrounding and notice unusual activity instantly. They should be able to tell a person’s suspicious behaviour, notice unfamiliar noise and also even smell gas leaks if there are any.

Response And Reflexes

Security guards have to immediately respond to suspicious activities and be prepared for action at any given moment. Since not every single situation needs to be dealt with the same amount of urgency, security guards should be able to make accurate judgments of a situation and come up with the most effective solution. In most cases, either the presence of security, intervening beforehand, or paying careful attention can diffuse the situation before it escalates. Sometimes just walking past a potentially targeted area can do the job. Other times, intense involvement might be needed. Even when guards are able to simmer situations from getting out of control, it is still imperative to remain cautious. It is also important to report such instances to relevant authorities to prevent them from taking place again. This usually means calling emergency services or the police, reporting to supervisors, or telling a manager.

It is also essential for a security guard to know when calling for help is needed amidst an intense situation. If a guard gets involved in a situation with deadly weapons or armed criminals, calling the police should be an immediate response. Most of the time, having law enforcement to intervene instantly can deter damage of property and even present any loss of life.

Supervising And Keeping Order

Serious incidents obviously do not happen regularly. Security guards’ main job is to ensure people’s safety and that nothing out of the ordinary happens on a daily basis. Their level of supervision usually depends on the management’s policies, though security officers are responsible for the number of people present in a building. They can do this by looking at IDs of employees coming to work, having visitors and guests get passes or sign in, and by checking IDs in general.

An event involving a large number of guests attending the same venue needs to have security personnel working collectively to keep order. Doesn’t matter if it’s a celebration, a conference, a presentation, or a convention, security guards are trained to identify possible trouble and prevent it from happening beforehand.

More Duties

Security personnel are also called to advise employers on ways to avoid troublesome situations. The most effective way to get this done is by reporting instances that happen in real life and might have caused problems. If visitors aren’t asked to sign in by some guards or employees fail to show IDs, it can become a major security risk. Guards can be called to give lessons on instructions to staff as well, such as how to deal with armed trespassers or manage evacuations if a fire breaks out.

It is also important to remember that the job of security guards does not stop at the end of a business day. Several buildings, including offices and schools have guards on overnight duty for supervision to make sure the buildings are safe from any threats when empty.

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